BioWare’s Funeral Anthem

By: James Flynn

As a huge fan of BioWare’s previous games, I’m having hard time with my feelings about Anthem.  Hell, I took the day off of work for the launch.  I’ve talked about how much I love BioWare and how excited I was for Anthem on the podcast.  However, I have come to accept that Anthem is a bad game.  Don’t get me wrong, there are things to like about Anthem, just not enough to keep me playing.  After spending more than 50 hours in the game I can’t understand why it took 6 years to make.

The graphics are beautiful.  So beautiful that I’ve stopped in the middle of game play, completely in awe of my surroundings.  The Frostbite 2 engine really shines.  From the glowing walls of tunnels, to watching the sunset from a mountain bluff. But the beauty of the game does not make up for it’s shortcomings.

Loading screens, after loading screen, removes me from the immersion of this beautifully created world.  So do all the connection errors and crashes. This makes the game feel more like a beta than a triple A title.  It also adds to the frustration you will experience trying to play with your friends, and even rando’s.

Then there is the lack of content.  The weapons and abilities simply lack variety.  One assault rifle feels the same as the next and so on.  When you do reach end game you’ll need to grind the same three strongholds over and over, or the same mission types over and over again.  Sorry BioWare, but that’s just not fun.  Looking at your road-map I see very little content coming between now and May, and I see little reason to keep playing.

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