# 335 “Face-Lift”

This week we discuss;

Play list
Jim –  Total War Thrones of Britannia

  • Bioshock remastered on Steam Deck
  • COD infinite warfare on Deck
  • Studio/LAN room rebuild progress


  • Not much gaming this week
  • Mostly working on music in my little free time
  • Trying out Nobara Linux on my laptop


  • Hotwheel Unleashed
  • Spiderman Miles Morales
Overwatch 2 attracts 25m players in 10 days

New Steam Mobile App?

Bayonetta Voice Actress calls for boycott

RTX 4090 series is out.

4080 12GB has been “unlaunched”

What are we streaming?


  • Rewatched Andor
  • Rewatching Kenobi
  • Rewatching Star Wars Films
  • Lord of the Rings Extended Editions


  • Youtube
  • In the Dark


  • She-Hulk
  • Lord of The Rings: Rings of Power
  • Star War Rebels
  • Cobra Kai Season 5
  • Cyberpunk Edge Runners
Community News

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Additional Support for the show:

Podsafe music courtesy of freemusicarchive.org

Intro-music: Skate by Kamiku

Outro-music: Battle of Pogs by Kamiku

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