# 309 “The GPU Will Kill PC Gaming”

This week we discuss;


Jim  – Detroit Become Human, using Steam link to play from the couch, so far, very boring but good story.  It plays more like an adventure game.   Has some nods to West World with the maze featured prominently in several scenes.

  • I’m getting solar installed in the next few months.  48 panels 65k total cost.
  • Picked up Red Dead Redemption 2 on steam sale.
  • Family bought me the watch I wanted for retirement Garmin Fenix 6x pro Solar 
  • Went to buy another Steam link but they don’t sell them anymore.  I’ve been using mine allot to get used to playing on a TV with a controller.  


  • Humankind


  • The Outer Worlds
  • Landed a 3060 via evga
  • Building out my work area in the basement


Sony Showcase

  • KOTOR Remaster
  • Uncharted remaster
  • Not announced for PC but still cool – God Of War: Ragnarok, Spider-man 2

Epic Vs Apple resolved

  • 30% cut is allowed
  • Apple must allow links to external site for other payment options

Diablo 2 will not support Ultrawide monitors

RTX 4090 gets restrictive US$2,999 MSRP in unofficial Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 series price predictions list

Gone Gold – Far Cry 6

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake

Star Trek Game Revival

Alan Wake Remaster in October


The negative impact of prolonged overpricing of GPU’s
– GPU prices are still %200 or more above msrp, WTF.   So many of my son’s friends were ready to make the switch to pc gaming but the GPU prices kept them out. They all bought consoles instead.  I’ve heard this same story from my co-workers etc. GPU prices are going to kill pc gaming, or make it a rich man’s hobby, and that’s just sad. It’s actually caused me to consider walking away from PC gaming and just buy a console.

What are we streaming?

Jim – Westworld, still my favorite series of all time.  This is my 3rd play through and I’m still catching things I missed.  

Curls – Manifest – Finished the latest season


  • Marvel What If….
  • Starship Troopers
  • Star Trek TNG
  • White Collar

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