# 332 “Fall LAN”

This week we discuss;

Play list

  • CODMW, SR3
  • Fall LAN Announcement
  • New monitor is eyeball crack
  • Purchased RTX 3080ti for Razer core below MSRP  EVGA X1 under 1k, Razer core using gpu at 90% plus, in gpu bound games.  


  • Horizon Forbidden West


  • Ori and the Blind Forrest
  • Bought Songs of Conquest but can’t play it until I get a new HDMI 2.1 cable….


Xbox Game Pass lineup for the next 12 months is strong

Call of Duty MWII

Diablo IV Necromancer Class Reveal

It Costs $110,000 to Fully Gear-Up in Diablo Immortal – Game …

PC Building Simulator 2 Open Beta

Hardware News
GPU prices continue to fall, now below MSRP and available.  

Tachyum Prodigy CPUs

MSI Reveals first desktop with ARC GPU


  • The Batman
  • Obi-wan


  • Finally finished Discovery S4


  • Obi Wan (Disney +)
  • Clone Wars (Disney +)
  • The Boys (Prime)



No podcast for the next two weeks.  Jim is on vacation.

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