# 338 “Flynn Solo”

This week Flynn explains the reason for the long break.

– Reasons for the break.
      – Space Marine (Steam Deck)

  •  CodMW Multiplayer (Season 3)
  • COD infinite warfare
  • Halo Infinite Campaign.
  • Chat GPT loves us.  We had no idea.
  • pup-ternity leave

    Bluesnews.com this week. 

    Any new tech purchases?
    3 builds in progress, doing build videos
      – Podcast, streaming, editing rig 

       – VR Rig (Valve Index)

       – Guest Rig

       – Main Rig PSU and storage upgrade
      – Cool Extended Battery for Steam Deck

    What are we streaming?

    • The Departed
    • We own the city
    • Parks and Rec..again
    • Yellowstone
    • High Score documentary

      Flynn is committed to Streaming the podcast weekly, even if I have to go solo.  If you’re a member of the community and would like to be on the podcast for an interview (community spot light) please DM flynn in Discord.   Flynn will be returning to Twitch streaming at least twice a week to start.  Possible limited series on YouTube.  

      If you want to talk about games, or interact with us, join our Discord.
      Additional Support for the show:

      Podsafe music courtesy of freemusicarchive.org

      Intro-music: Skate by Kamiku

    • Outro-music: Battle of Pogs by Kamiku

      The opinions expressed in this podcast are that of the individual and NOT the opinion’s of The AFK Podcast as a whole

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