# 339 “Adulting Sucks”

Play list

  • A whole lotta a little bit here and there
  • Tiny Tina
  • Borderlands 3
  • Making Music
  • Hackintoshing
  • Plotting next upgrade New Builds
  • Entered a beat contest (Soundcloud)


  • Halo Infinite  on PC
  • Space Marine (Steam Deck)
  • Got Fable 3 working on Steam Deck (looking forward to my second playthrough)
Homeworld 3 Delayed

Alan Wake 2 in October

Star Trek Resurgence released

Total War Pharaoh Announced

NVME m.2 all the things.  4tb NVME prices continue to drop.  

  • I’m pulling all SSD’s out of my machine and replacing them with m.2.  Makes for higher performance  an extremely clean build with a whole lot less wires.  Basically every machine has a 1tb OS NVME drive and a 4tb NVME game drive.  The editing machine has an NVME raid card with 4 2tb Samsung 970’s in raid 0.  Any rig with only 1 nme slot was given a 4tb nvme card. This was only an issue on 2 micro ATX rigs.  
  • Finally retiring older desktops and laptops from the x58 era.  
  • I have a ton of used  SSD’s that I’ll be dropping into my server projects.

What are we streaming?


  • Below Deck
  • Ancient Aliens
  • History’s greatest mysteries
  • Alone
  • Black Adam
  • John Wick 4


  • Star Trek Picard
  • Star Trek New Worlds
  • Power: Book II
  • Youtube
  • The Diplomat
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Intro-music: Skate by Kamiku

Outro-music: Battle of Pogs by Kamiku

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