# 258 “Beware The Cloud”

This week we discuss;



– Wolfenstien New Order

– World of Warcraft Retail

–  Overclocked Ryzen 5 2600 to 4.2ghz  stable @ 1.4v. Up from game boosts 3.8ghz

– Taking my LAN rig to Doug’s for the duration of the night shift. 

    – Equipment I use for transporting Rig safely  

       –  Roccat Tusko, Tower Grip, and a back-pack


  • Apple Arcade (Does it suck? Spoiler – it does)
  • Partying in Mexico


  • Jedi Fallen Order
  • Rocket League

Dan Houser leaves Rockstar games

Activision planning to reveal several remasters in 2020

Blizzard on Warcraft III reforged criticism

Activision Blizzard beats Q4 Expectation as Blizzard Flounders

Metro Exodus Will Finally Return to Steam next week

Steam 2019 year in review

World of Warcraft BFA corruption effects nerfed

Geforce Now is officially out of beta

Hardware News:

Threadripper 3990X released

3990X Reviewed

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