# 259 “Pulling Out of Nvidia”

This week we discuss;

Play Lists


  • CODMW, WoW Retail
  • New Keyboard (Corsair k95XT) to replace my logitech g910 because I hate roamer-g switches.  

Logun – God Of War (I need to put some notes in here else I’ll mis a bunch of stuff)

  • Released 2018 on PS4
  • Game of the year for 2018
  • Smooth transition with cut scenes.
  • Complex armour and Weapons – difficult to decide what to craft and upgrade.
  • Good character development albeit SUPER weird at times
    • Game does an insanely good job of explaining why it’s so weird at times though
  • Playing on easy mode to enjoy the story. 
  • One chapter runs long and seems to have been put in just to make the game longer
  • Combat is fucky. Either I super suck at games now or shit’s getting way complex – multiple weapons, multiple moves with multiple weapons against a variety of opponents. PLUS controlling Atreus (your son) in combat.
  • Multiple options on your loadout affects how you fight (Area, vs Melee, vs Line affect…)
  • Progression can force you to go back to older areas just for 100% completion (opening chests you couldn’t open the first time through)


  • Jedi Fallen Order
  • Destiny 2
  • New phone

In the news;

Nvidia Streaming Service suffers setback immediately following release

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Sequel is in development, Star Wars Battlefront Spin off cancelled

First World of Warcraft Shadowlands Alpha Build Deployed

Sony backs out of PAX East because of Coronavirus

Fallout 4: New Vegas?

Metro Exodus’ Sames Storey Expansion is out now

Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s Warzone Battle Royale Mode Rumor

Tim Sweeney Lashes Out against Facebook, Google, Loot Boxes and Politics in Games

Ninja is an idiot.


Is the cost of a new game too high?

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